"When I think about buying a new guitar, I want more than just another product – I want an instrument that has been made with vision, that will inspire my creativity and help me realise my dreams.

I want a guitar that shows I am proud to belong to the tribe of guitarists who fill the world with music.
To play guitar is to join a tribe that transcends nationality. We share a better language – the sound of our deepest hopes and dreams. Now Eko Vision is inspiring millions of people of all ages to pick up a guitar and unleash their own creativity. Eko Vision is an invitation to join the tribe. Each instrument has been given its own special number from zero to eight, chosen to reflect ancient symbolism, while tribal logos offer a glimpse into a creative future. This is my vision, and I would recommend every guitar in this catalogue to a friend.
Every musical instrument has its own story – this is your opportunity to write your own, no matter whether you play your music for an audience, for fun on the beach or just for yourself.

From newcomers just starting to play to professionals seeking the highest specification Made in Italy series, Eko Vision is YOUR vision. It’s time to join the Eko tribe and follow your dreams.»

Massimo Varini

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