Il 2019 per Eko Guitar è un anno fondamentale, di svolta. In occasione del suo 60° anniversario, Eko Guitars torna alla produzione Made in Italy. "Infinito" Made In Italy e "Futura" Designed & Assembled in Italy sono i modelli della Italian Series.


The new Eko Infinito represents the R & D laboratory, featuring interesting innovations in terms of construction

Authentic Italian Alpine Spruce was used for top, top bracing and back bracing; Italian Walnut for fingerboard, bridge, and rosette. The neck is made in Okoume, a wood of the Mahogany family that stands out for its extreme lightness.

For back and sides, we decided to use Okoume treated with ETS (Eko Tanning System). (Eko Tanning System is a treatment with aniline and special lamps to embellish and make deeper the typical veins of this exotic wood, in addition to improve the bass response).

The final-dress of the instrument is made with a finish produced a few miles from the Eko Guitars factory after careful research and in collaboration with Roberto Fontanot luthier: the result is an extremely resistant finish but with a minimum thickness, with an effect very close to the open-pore. The innovations for eliminating metal parts from the Infinito guitar are essential: 3 anti-torsion carbon fiber bars, calibrated in different thicknesses, ensure the absolute stability of neck and fingerboard; nut and saddle are also in carbon fiber. In carbon fiber are also the tuning machines, very important elements with a very precise ratio of 21:1 that allow a fine tuning and offer the fantastic feeling of having no added weight on the headstock; just think that the 6 tuning machines together weigh about as a standard metal one.

The Infinito rosette, also realized in Italian Walnut and Mother-of-Pearl, recalls an interweaving that refers to the bond between Eko and Recanati, drawing the symbol of Infinito.

This guitar comes with no preamp system because, being these instruments dedicated to demanding musicians looking for great sonic performance, the choice of a preamp rather than another would have determined a different attention to the sound and feel… whether the guitarist is a fingerpicker or a songwriter who accompanies himself in strumming, he will find in the Infinito very personal characteristics: at his discretion the option of how to amplify this fantastic instrument. To meet the needs of those who wish a guitar immediately ready for live performances, there is a version featuring the renowned Fishman Flex Blend (previewed by Eko Guitars on its instruments after the presentation at Shanghai Musik Messe).

This instrument introduces important innovating elements for the Acoustic Guitar, and in addition to sound and aesthetics, what immediately strikes is the extreme lightness in terms of weight, sought through a careful selection of materials; lightness also understood as an aesthetic sobriety and typically Italian style. The research and treatment of materials, to contain the weight, is all in favor of the sound that results "free", the instrument has no metal components that in addition to weight add elements of sound absorption.

  • Made-in-Italy acoustic guitar

  • Research of sound and aesthetics

  • Use of highly selected materials

  • Light and balanced thanks to the carbon fiber
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The Ranger Futura model by Eko Guitars was created to celebrate what is probably the most representative guitar of the Italian brand, the Eko Ranger

Ranger Futura is designed and assembled in Italy using solid Italian Spruce for the top, figured Okoume for back, sides and neck, South American Roupana for fingerboard and bridge. The bracing is specifically designed for Ranger Futura, and is made entirely in solid Italian Spruce.

The newly designed truss rod consists of three carbon bars positioned and fixed inside the neck. A fundamental feature is the neck / body joint which, as in the historical Eko Ranger, is made using four screws. This choice, in addition to preserving the Eko tradition, (it has been taken as a standard by other important and famous brands), allows to keep the production cost more contained and at the same time give the instrument very interesting features of attack, response and sustain: especially when compared with guitars in the same price range.

The sixties-inspired Decal rosette is the detail that immediately catapults us into the atmosphere of the time. The hole has an ivory-color Abs binding. The single coil pickup, removable, allows you to effectively amplify the new Ranger Futura and at the same time it fits perfectly with the vintage line of the instrument. Grover tuning machines ensure a stable and precise tuning.

  • Designed and assembled in Italy

  • Innovative construction elements

  • Faithful to the Eko Guitars tradition

  • Extremely light and balanced
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Sixty years of History, but especially of Stories

Since 1959 the Eko guitars have fascinated guitarists all over the world, each with their own passion to cultivate, their talent to express, the desire to tell and share their inner world.

We are proud of it, because we have been ever since close to those who make music their lives. We do it again, until today, and for this we are proud to be part of the music history. We do not just produce guitars: we like to think we are creating guitarists. In sixty years we have created more guitarists than guitars, because an Eko guitar is handed down from generation to generation.


Come and visit our Eko Guitars booth at Hall C 7402 from Jannuary 24th to Jannuary 27th.