Often, in addition to the passion and love for music, what gives enough determination for a musician to succeed is the EGO.

EGO STAR, whether it is a Pop or Rock Star there is no doubt that the shape to which we associate a Star is the Dreadnought shape.

EGO IDOL, the idols who made history, speaking about guitar players they are often associated with shape’s such as the zero 0, 00,000, and the OM . This is why the name of our EGO IDOL is the OM shape.

EGO LEGEND, photos that bring the sense of Legends are black and white, the legend of guitarist’s who sold their souls, is often started by playing a guitar with the Parlour shape.

For EGO series, focus is totally on producing guitars to the highest quality possible, this series represent the absolute maximum in terms of human contribution and guitar building.