The Italian meaning of the word MIA is MINE!

The first series introduced by Massimo Varini in 2009, this represented the return of Eko to the popularity, usage and prestige it had back in the 60s. What’s more personal and intimate for a guitarist to say that “this is my guitar”?

MIA series delivers everything demanded by professional players. The exceptional formula with MIA is the selected Cedar top, with reduced thickness for a fantastic physical sensation that vibrates on the player. Rosewood back and sides deliver depth, dynamics and warmth of sound, while the rosewood fingerboard and bridge, make for a really fast and comfortable neck. With 9 different shapes available, including Parlor and Bass, everyone can say: “ this is my guitar ”.


MIA D EQ Natural
MIA D CW EQ Natural
MIA D XII EQ 12 strings Natural
MIA 018 EQ Natural
MIA 018 CW EQ Natural
MIA 018 CW XII EQ-12 strings Natural
MIA NYLON EQ nylon strings Natural