The EVO(lution) series carries the “genetic” code of the MIA series, which have become Eko’s most successful guitars in recent years.

EVO series takes a step further by focusing on the close relationship between musician and instrument, with Open Pore finish, so to leave intact the contact and feeling with the wood.

Reduced body thickness makes the instrument with a great sound, a perfect, comfortable ”fit“ when played.

The use of 3 different stages of maturation of the wood and open pore finish, make these instruments extremely lightweight and resonant, the sound is warm, and the depth of cedar is made more present by the mahogany back and sides.

The width of the NUT has been increased to 45 mm, to better support fingerstyle lovers. The length of the DIAPASON is by choice different between the various models.

The series includes a Gipsy and a Baritone shape, for them a solid Sitka Spruce top was choosen for tonal characteristics matching with the other models of the series. A small body guitar, the EVO Mini, is also part of the program: professional sound characteristics for younger guitar heroes, and portability for professionals without sacrificing quality.



EVO D EQ Natural
EVO D CW EQ-Natural
EVO 018 EQ Natural
EVO 018 CW EQ Natural