Massimo Varini, Nek and Red Ronnie in concert to support "Rock No War", a no profit organization, to raise funds to assist the victims of the two Italian regions - Emilia Romagna and Lombardia - that suffered severe quake damages. 

Saturday 14 July 2012, the three Italian artists performed in a base camp in the city of Concordia and also in Moglia’s central town square, delighting and offering some relaxing hours full of music. 

Time has passed since the last time Massimo Varini and Nek shared the stage, but they were happy to play side by side, using both EKO MIA guitars, for this special event to hug all of the people of the towns destroyed by the earthquake."

“The emotions felt during this special day shall always be with me… emotions that made it hard to fall asleep at night, for both, me and my wife Ross. Sometimes remembering how lucky we are is fundamental and can help to help. Little things can make a big difference. I love to say to myself that a sand grain is just a sand grain .. but if every small sand grain, aware of its being so tiny, would not join the others… beaches won't exist anymore.
I want to be one of those tiny sand grains to join all the others, because together we can do a lot: everyone has got something to offer!” (Massimo Varini)