Visual Note is an Italian brand that has developed a revolutionary teaching&learning system based on an App and a hardware device consisting of an RGB led foil that can be applied directly to the guitar fretboard and a control unit. An effective, intuitive and interactive system.

Visual Note, thanks to its smart approach, revolutionizes and simplifies guitar learning and speeds up improvement for both new and experienced guitarists. It also represents a very useful and unique tool for teachers and artists as well since it enables them to reach a wider range of learners and fans. Visual Note offers a wealth of content and learning tools that make the learning experience unique, exciting and fun.


Il kit della Visual Note per imparare a suonare la chitarra acustica e la chitarra elettrica. Visual Note è l'innovativo metodo per imparare a suonare la chitarra divertendosi.


  • Brand new ultra-slim RGB LED foil version + micro USB rechargeable Bluetooth controller - EASY TO APPLY
  • Patented Technology - State of the art technology is seamlessly integrated into the guitar, not affecting it in any way during performance
  • Tuner with visual indication directly on the fingerboard
  • And many functions exclusive to the world!


Download the Visual Note APP, available for IOS and Android devices, and you can start the innovative learning experience thanks to its content that communicates in real time with LED foil. With the purchase of a Visual Note foil you will have the opportunity to enjoy the following features for free.

Lessons: introduction and first 2 levels, where each UNIT consists of exercises, explanations, tablature, sheet music, songs and video lessons made by Massimo Varini, which will accompany the student on the learning path starting from scratch.
Songs, Riffs & Solos: 3 songs and 3 riffs with which the student will put the teachings into practice, playing songs and phrases inspired by the great classics of music.
Tuner: you can tune your guitar with ease, guided by LEDs, and you can experiment with special tunings thanks to the many tuning templates here.
Chords, Scales, Arpeggios: a comprehensive handbook on all major and minor chord positions and forms, the natural major and minor scale in all keys, and melodic arpeggios based on all major and minor chords in all forms.
Lighting effects: 3 lighting effects that will light up your guitar on stage.

*You can unlock additional content by subscribing with Visual Note directly from the APP.


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Updated revolutionary teaching method
  • Professional tab reader (shows staff + tab + instrument performance flow, fingering)
  • New fully customizable chords, scales and arpeggios
  • Expansion of the library of video tutorials and exercises
  • Fully customizable lighting effects (also Music Responsive)


The relationship between Visual Note and AlgamEko goes beyond the distribution of foils. In fact, Eko Guitars, an Italian guitar manufacturing brand, has chosen to offer bundled models of acoustic and electric guitars with the Visual Note foil already implanted: in fact, these instruments arrive already set up and operational with the foil and App.

Eko Guitars + Visual Note Acoustic Guitars

Discover all details about Ranger Natural Visual Note
Discover all details about Ranger Black Visual Note
Discover all details about Ranger Red Sunburst Visual Note
Discover all details about Ranger Brown Sunburst Visual Note
Discover all details about Ranger Blue Sunburst Visual Note

Eko Guitars + Visual Note Electric Guitars

Discover all details about S-300 Black Visual Note
Discover all details about S-300 Sunburst Visual Note
Discover all details about S-300 Cream Visual Note
Discover all details about S-300 Metallic Blue Visual Note
Discover all details about S-300 Chrome Red Visual Note


A story that has lasted almost 10 years. An innovative product of excellence: an ultra-thin LED foil that can be attached directly to the fretboard of any guitar and a revolutionary App. On top of it all, a big dream: to make the guitar accessible to everyone by allowing anyone to learn while playing and having fun right away.

Vincenzo Maresca (CEO & Founder of Visual Note) files a patent starting from an idea he had many years earlier, when as a teenage self-taught bass player he imagined a system that could allow a revolutionary approach to the instrument. This is where it all began.

2016 Kickstarter campaign.
First product launch with a brief presence on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

The project is revisited and after years of hardware and software R&D Visual Note takes shape. The company is formed to create the prototype that will be presented at the 2018 edition of NAMM for the first time.

The first commercialization is very successful, so we start with the industrial production and commercialization of the new model after a Crowdfunding campaign that ended in overfunding and winning the Immediate (Rolling Stone) acceleration contest.

The consequences of the pandemic are unfortunately being felt, and the shortage of electronic components plagues the company, making it impossible to reassort the product in a reasonable time. As always, the Visual Note team rolls up its sleeves and turns a problem into an opportunity and makes the quantum leap. It re-engineers the product making it more performant than ever; the App is completely revamped, is enriched with revolutionary content and functions that open the door to the Teaching & Learning 2.0 method. Visual Note's Mission is thus enriched with new content and meaning, breaking down both geographical and economic boundaries and making the passion for guitar accessible to anyone, anywhere. Where you want, when you want, as if your teacher were there beside you!

Official launch of national distribution and Visual Note branding by AlgamEko.