On the 60th Eko Guitars Anniversary we decided to speak about our story and our territory with a series of events suited to pay homage to the professionalism and dedication we put every day into our work, our passion, and our mission, the Music.

It is not so easy to briefly summarize sixty years of business. The challenge we have set ourselves is to convey the spirit and essence of a journey that began in 1959 in a single, great and ambitious celebration enclosed within the walls of Recanati, our hometown.
All the events dedicated to the Eko Guitars 60 th Anniversary have been conceived and organized with specific goals.

Learning and musical culture for the new generations

By involving 1st grade secondary schools that promote musical activity in Italy and their guitar class teachers, we have launched the “1° Concorso Nazionale per chitarra classica Mario Gangi”.

In occasione del 60° anniversario di Eko Guitars abbiamo organizzato il Primo Concorso Nazionale per Chitarra Classica...

Pubblicato da Eko Guitars su Mercoledì 24 aprile 2019

Our intention is to encourage and bring new generations closer to the study and learning of music, a so important cultural form to the society spiritual elevation.
We have set the competition in three sections. The first two, respectively for Soloists and Ensambles, were aimed at 1st grade secondary schools. The third section, Online, was open to all classical guitarists.

The schools accepted our proposal and the entries to the first and second section saw dozens of 11-to-14-year-old boys participate. The event took place in the 19th-century Aula Magna of the Recanati Town Hall.

The winner of the third Online section is Gianandrea Noto. The young man from Catania exhibited his talent and was rewarded in Recanati.

Praise of the Past and projection into the Future

60 among the best in the world preserved instruments and as many representative images of national and international musicians who love Eko Guitars, have been exhibited in the Recanati Town Hall atrium to enhance our past.

A chronological journey made possible thanks to the passion and experience granted by the major Italian collectors of guitars and basses. It is precisely these experts who have contributed by providing unique models and advice to the hundreds of visitors who took part, a confirmation of how strong the brand's perception is still in memory and in the popular identity.

ELOGIO DEL PASSATO E PROIEZIONE AL FUTURO 60 fra gli strumenti meglio conservati al mondo e altrettante immagini...

Pubblicato da Eko Guitars su Giovedì 9 maggio 2019

A historical journey that began in the Recanati countryside that in a short time involved the entire national and then the international scene. A journey that starts from the greatest exponents of the music of the sixties and seventies to the great current artists, from the first instruments with particular forms and constructive peculiarities, to the current catalog, the result of the continuous research of our Team.

During the exhibition, anyone with a historic Eko Guitars guitar was given the chance to show it and make it appreciated by the leading experts present at the exhibition. Each participant told his own story by expressing the emotions connected to the instrument that he brought with him thanks to the new format “Fai Vedere la Tua Eko.”

To appreciate a musical instrument, it is not enough to look at it and touch it, but it is also essential to perceive its tonal qualities. "Fai Sentire la tua Eko" comes precisely from this need.

An event now in its fifth edition appreciated by fans and owners of Eko guitars and basses, modern and vintage, born with the ultimate aim of making protagonists all those who with our instruments formed their own musical identity.

“In 15 minutes everybody will be famous”.

Andy Warhol

In 15 minutes each participant was able to manage to the best of his ability a space dedicated to him, a stage specially set up to enhance his art.

Per apprezzare uno strumento musicale non è sufficiente guardarlo e toccarlo con mano, ma è altresì indispensabile...

Pubblicato da Eko Guitars su Giovedì 2 maggio 2019

During the organization of the 60th Eko Guitars Anniversary we shared our ideas with some of the most successful artists of the Italian music scene. Many of them, free from commitments at that time and linked to the brand by a historic friendship, to our great gratitude, have decided to celebrate with us this important goal, without getting anything in return.

Durante le fasi di organizzazione del 60° anniversario di Eko Guitars abbiamo condiviso le nostre idee con alcuni tra i...

Pubblicato da Eko Guitars su Venerdì 26 aprile 2019

The Persiani theater in Recanati, one of the most evocative locations in the Marche region, seemed the ideal place to host an engaging and elegant gala evening.

The musicians who attended the event were: Andrea Bocelli, Giuliano Sangiorgi and Andrea "Pupillo" De Rocco of Negramaro, Dodi Battaglia, Saturnino Celani and Riccardo Onori of the Jovanotti's band, Edoardo De Angelis, Massimo Varini, Marco Manusso, Johnny Ponta. Neri Marcorè led the evening.

“The celebrations for our 60th Anniversary have touched me deeply. I saw an influx of people from all over Italy and an affection from the whole city of Recanati that really moved me. This means that our Eko brand is still very much felt in the collective imagination not only locally but nationally and internationally. The artists believe more and more in us and show us their affection by playing our guitars on all the stages where they go. It is a great achievement for us, which fills us with pride on the one hand, but also makes us feel a lot of responsibility, the responsibility of having to keep looking ahead and investing in our brand to make it grow and always be close to the many artists who believe in us. This is also why we wanted, with all our strength, to bring a small production back to Recanati, to build the two new models presented on the occasion of the 60th: the Infinito and the Ranger Futura.

I want to personally thank all those who came to Recanati on 13 and 14 April to celebrate with us this historic Anniversary and all the Italian and International Musicians who still today continue to believe in us.

A warm greeting”.

Stelvio Lorenzetti (CEO)