MIA Series by Eko Guitars

The MIA series represents the most successful line of acoustic guitars and basses from Eko Guitars. It boasts a line up of 6 models (4 acoustic guitars, 1 nylon guitar, 1 acoustic bass) which differ in shape: for acoustics we have Dreadnought cutaway, Auditorium and Auditorium cutaway shapes; for nylon the original Eko design with narrow cutaway body and oval soundhole; for the acoustic bass a cutaway dreadnought-like shape.

The MIA series consists of the following models:

D400ce: Electrified Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
A400ce: Electrified Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
A400e: Electrified Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
A400ce XII Strings: Electrified 12-string Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
N400ce: Electrified Nylon Guitar Narrow Case Cutaway
B400ce: Electrified Cutaway Acoustic Bass

All models of the MIA series share the choice of materials and amplification: with regard to the woods we find tops in Solid Cedar, sides and back in 3-layer laminated Ovangkol, neck in Mahogany and fingerboard in Branko Rosewood. The amplification of the acoustic guitars and bass is the Fishman Flex Blend (piezo + condenser microphone), except for the classic N400ce model which is equipped with the Fishman Presys Classica Blend system (piezo + condenser microphone).


After two decades of research, Blackwood Tek, Algam's partner since 2015, has developed an ecological process, planting short-cycle pine forests in New Zealand (Pinus Radiata), which complies with the requirements of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The production process ensures that this wood contains little moisture (only about 5%), is dense and resistant to changes in temperature or humidity. This means that it is not affected by the thermal changes that occur during transport, and is immediately ready to be used. By giving Branko Wood a darker color you get a perfect substitute for Ebony, while with a lighter color than Rosewood. Eko Guitars, part of the great Algam galaxy (which in Italy takes the name of AlgamEko), has been using Branko Rosewood on the EVO, MIA and ALPS series since 2021.

Discover the details of the Eko Guitars MIA series models!

Mia B400ce

Mia B400ce

The MIA B400ce is the electrified acoustic bass guitar by Eko Guitars, with onboard Fishman Flex Blend system. Featuring a D cutaway shape with Solid Cedar Top, 3-ply laminated Ovangkol back and sides, Okoume neck and Branko Rosewood fingerboard, this bass guitar is well suited for both live performances and studio recording.

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