Pablo Soler is a shred-metal guitar player from Argentina with 3 solo albums released in Argentina and Mexico, 3 instructional DVDs in the US by "CHOPS FROM HELL”, and the album "El Camino de los Sabios" with his band Humanimal, which was released in 2002 in both Argentina and Spain. He shared stage with Yngwie Malmsteen, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall, Merciful Fate, Angra, Vision Divine and Laberinth, among other well-known artists. He also performed as a guest guitarist with Paul Di Anno and Graham Bonnet, and with bands such as Dragonforce and Nightwish.

He is a columnist for the Argentine magazine "Guitarristas y Bajistas" in which he writes the shred column, and for the American TV program "ADVANCED GUITAR TECHNIQUES MODESTO", from Modesto, California, USA. Soler was also Paul Di Anno´s guitar player during his latest South-American tour called "Running Free Again Tour 2012".
He participated as guest musician in 22 CDs and compilations officially released. Since 2001, every year he tours through 15 countries, including Argentina, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay , Uruguay, Bolivia and Spain.



- SPEEDIEST PERFORMANCE: ALBUM, 2001, Argentina, by "La Estaka Records". Re-released in 2004, Argentina, by "Del Imaginario Records".
- R.P.M. Racional Por Momentos: EP, 2002, Argentina, independent release.
- HIGHER: ALBUM, 2003, Mexico, by "Agora Records".
- INSANE SHREDDING: DVD, 2005, U.S.A., by "Chops From Hell".
- HIGHER: ALBUM, 2006, Argentina and Bolivia, re-recorded and re-released (independent release).
- SOUTH AMERICAN GUITAR MASTERS: DVD, 2009, USA, by "Chops From Hell".
SPEEDING UP: DVD, 2010, USA, by "Chops From Hell".

-EL CAMINO DE LOS SABIOS: ALBUM, 2002, Argentina, independent release.
-EL CAMINO DE LOS SABIOS: ALBUM, 2003, Spain, by “Nems Enterprises”.


-BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY: ALBUM, 2000, Argentina, by "Nems Enterprises" – As a guest musician.
-WIZARD: ALBUM, 2003, Argentina, independent release - As a stable member of the band.
-FLYING TOWARDS THE NEW HORIZON: ALBUM, 2006, Argentina, by "BVMusic" - As a guest musician.
-DARK MIND: ALBUM, 2009, Argentina, by "BVMusic" - As a guest musician.
-EXISTENCE: ALBUM, 2010, Argentina, by "BVMusic" - As a guest musician.
- BEYOND SPACE WITHOUT LIMITS: ALBUM, 2012, Argentina, by "BVMusic" - As a guest musician


- “Placer, Odio y Sentimiento - Guitarras Argentinas” (1999 - Argentina)
- “Las Mejores Voces del Metal” (2001 - Argentina)
- “Tributo a los Reyes del Metal” (2002 - Argentina)
- “Piece of Madness - Tributo a Iron Maiden” (2003 - Argentina)
- “Mátenlos a Todos - Tributo a Metallica” (2003 - Argentina) 
- “Hangar de Almas - Tributo a Megadeth” (2004 - Argentina) 
- “Sabbath Crosses - Tributo a Black Sabbath” (2004 - Argentina) 
- “Muerte al Falso Metal – Tributo a Manowar” (2004 - Argentina) 
- “Purificación” (2005 - Cuchilla Grande, Uruguay)
- “Sedientos de Poder” (2005 - Crepar, Uruguay)
- “Compilado Corriente Alterna 2006” (2006 - Argentina)
- “Viaje de Ecos Infinitos” (2006 - Carnarium, Argentina)
- “Battlecry Xuxuy” (2007) 
- Carlos Lichman “Firestorm” (2007 - Brasil)
- “Sin Temor a Continuar” (2009 - Aorta)
- "Rockshop" (2012 – Lickstick)